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South Jersey

Fav. BP CD: Sondheim, Etc.
Fav. BP Song: No One Is Alone

posted: 9/5/2003 at 3:18:07 PM ET
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Sorry for taking a few days, but I guess I'm supposed to throw out my take on the recent battle on the boards. I just started graduate school and a fulltime job, so I've been a bit busy...

Anyway, let's go through why I did a few things. First.. why is the Jenny message locked but not deleted? She wanted to get her point of view across. She had something to say and claims she isn't coming back, so I figure we should all at least try to see where she's coming from. She just wanted you guys to know why she felt the way she did. Whether she has correct information or if that's the way we would've come to a conclusion is a seperate thing... she's explaining herself and not how other people might view it. She said some strong things on the board and shouldn't have. Had I been able to open my eyes I would've deleted that...

Why haven't I posted a message in either thread asking people to stay? You guys have autonomy to do as you wish and I really don't think me asking you to stay will affect the decisions you already made. You stay true to yourselves... if you're unhappy, then leave. You can come back later... it's not like we won't take you back. Or, maybe you should just lurk for awhile.

I don't know about you guys, but here in South Jersey it's a beautiful day. Go outside, take a deep breath and unplug from the internet for awhile.

It's just a message board and we're just a bunch of fans. We do realize that this came to a head while trying to do something nice for Bernadette, right? We should probably keep that in perspective...

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Bradenton/Sarasota, FLA
posted: 9/5/2003 at 3:45:49 PM ET
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Here, Here. I second those emotions.
Especially:'s a beautiful day. Go outside, take a deep breath and unplug from the internet for awhile. and
...keep IT ALL in perspective.

"I just started graduate school and a fulltime job..."
Been there, done that, Kevin.
HAAARDDDD work. Good luck to you. And hang in.

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New Jersey
posted: 9/5/2003 at 3:57:26 PM ET
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I agree 100%. It's a gorgeous day outside, I was outside for gym, and here in New Jersey, the first day that it hasn't rained all week. I don't know why I'm on the computer, but I should go outside like Kevin said.

And as SingOutAnnie and Kevin said, we should keep it in perspective...

Kevin, good luck to you in grad school. I'm sure that we all wish you the best of luck with that, it's a hard thing to do!


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New York City

Fav. BP Song: With So Little to be Sure Of
Fav. BP Show: Gypsy
Fav. BP Character: Marie (insert last name) lol There's a few
Fav. BP CD: Bernadette Peters Loves Rogers and Hammerstein

posted: 9/5/2003 at 11:07:45 PM ET
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I know Kevin didn't want any responses to jenny's post, and I agree that the fighting should stop; but I think I was one of the 2 people that had a right to respond considering my name was specifically mentioned.

lol That's all. I did enjoy the sun today. I found a lost dog and I took care of it all day and played with it outside and put up signs in the neighborhood. The owner finally came to claim it I'm glad because I really didn't want to bring it to a shelter.


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