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 Radio City: A concert with great surprises
On the marquee again!
On the marquee again!

The concert was terrific and the promised surprises were delightful.

The evening opened with Bernadette and several of Broadway's youngest actors and actresses (incidentally, one of the young ladies performed with Bernadette in AGYG) singing "Do Re Mi" after several pictures of Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II and lobby cards from their shows were projected.

Later, Bernadette complained of not being able to perform with the Rockettes, after all... this was Radio City! Much to her surprise, a group of tap dancers came out on to the stage, with Bernadette being sandwiched in the middle by the troupe's tallest dancers. A little body language and a cough from Bernadette gave them a subtle hint and the lines reversed, leaving Bernadette to be noticeably taller than the dancers beside her. In classic Rockette style, Bernadette formed up a line and ended the first half of the evening.

The second half opened with a Jack Benny film clip where he complained to a theatre's box office attendant about paying $6 to see a R&H musical. Immediately following, Groucho Marx joked with R&H on the TV show "You Bet Your Life".

A couple of songs later Bernadette introduced Marvin Laird, her long time friend (they became friends when Bernadette was touring with Gypsy as a teenager), musical director and an accomplished pianist. Marvin was Bernadette's only accompaniment on the piano for the next two songs. (As a side note: I thought it was wonderful that Marvin and Bernadette were the only 2 performers sharing the spotlight, considering what good friends they are. Marvin will also be Bernadette's musical director for Gypsy.)

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