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AuthorMessage: How nice...
Posted by: "Scholand"

On: 7/31/1999 at 5:25:51 PM GMT

Message #: 87

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Greetings again everyone! I'm back from the Adirondacks; it was really
nice up there, and not nearly as unbearably hot as it is here in the fire &
brimstone of Fredonia.

How nice it was to check my email and see so much stuff from the list in my

And before those chapters of discussion are closed in here, i would like to
throw in my two cents about WSS and BBB:

Doing WSS was probably the worst decision jack (the director) has made in a
long time. It's an awful show, and our production of it did wonders to
reinforce that awfulness. It's had four somewhat redeeming factors: a
phenomenal performance by our Maria, who sang like some really great puerto
rican bird and who came as close to saving the sinking ship of --the show's
romantic angle-- as was possible (our Tony was a homosexual who couldnt
remember his lines or song lyrics and couldn't act); and very fine
perfomances by Riff, Anita, and Rosalia. And the sets were nice too. I
tried not to pay too much attention to what was going on, because i really
really loathe west side story. But enough about those three wasted months
of my life; it's too hot to think about that today (95 degrees... ouch!)

When the HS did BBB, i think that we did a fine job with it, but that it's
just a bad show. I don't know why the college would decide to do it
either, Amy. At least they're doing The Pirates of Penzance too, so
there'll be something worth seeing.

So anyway, from what I read Bernadette's Broadway Barks! was a success : )
There are pictures on Playbill's website if anyone is interested... looks
like she got some other cast members from Annie Get Your Gun to participate
as well : )

Well, I guess that's all for now... i don't want to waste any more of
everyone's time than i already have {c:)

Greg Scholand

And crawling on the planet's face, some insects... called
the human race: lost in time, lost in space, and meaning.
-The Rocky Horror Picture Show

"The line dividing good and evil cuts through the
heart of every human being. And who is willing to
destroy a piece of his own heart?"
- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

"If you can know where you're going, you've gone"
-Sunday in the Park with George

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> Subject: Re: [sundayinthepark] Digest Number 40
> Date: Saturday, July 31, 1999 11:31 AM
> From: "Kylene Riley" <kar2@h...>
> actually, the HS did do BBB a few years ago, I had forgotten about that.
> was a lot of fun to do, even though most of us thought it was a slightly
> storyline, better suited for a middle school. Even so, it was fun. The
> orchestra music was a bear to learn though!
> Alright, I think thats enough about BBB!
> Kylene
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