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AuthorMessage: Re: Digest Number 38 (Kinda OT)
Posted by: "Amy Courtney"

On: 7/28/1999 at 1:26:11 PM GMT

Message #: 82

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Bye Bye Birdie??? The COLLEGE? Eep! Poor misused college! LOL... I'm not a
big fan of BBB... or is it the high school that would be doing this? Oh, how
was the production of West Side Story (dad didn't go see it... grr...) that
was off topic... but oh well! :) I'm in Fredonia at this time... WOOHOOO!
WEnt to the FAIR! Okay, well, this is a very off topic thing... But SUNY
Fredonia SHOULD do Sunday! LOL... that is, when I'm attending the college...
lol, just so I can be in it.. *grin* :) I think I'll go watch A Little Night
Music now... have fun!

>From: "Kylene Riley" <kar2@h...>
>Yes, that would be lots of fun if SUNY Fredonia decided to put on
>SITPWG...but it wont be next year if that happens at all, because the
>of Music at FSU is doing Bye Bye Birdie next year. Maybe someone should
>suggest Sunday next year, but we just did Sondheim last year (Into the
>Woods) and this year was Sweet Charity, so who knows what will happen.
>ps to Greg- if we ever do SITPWG at Fredonia, maybe Suzi could be Dot! :-)
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