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AuthorMessage: hello
Posted by: Jennifer Shapiro

On: 7/6/2000 at 10:50:58 PM GMT

Message #: 109

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Hello everyone,

My name is Jenn and i just joined this group tonight. The only time I have
seen this musical was on TV I forget what channel during Halloween when I
finally got control of the remote from my brothers and sisters and seeing
how am part of this list I extremely enjoyed it. But i also like anything
Sondheim has done and if i can get a vedio tape of anything that has been
recorded of a live production of his I have it or i am looking for it. But
other then that i rather enjoy all musical theatre but usually don't have a
chance to go see a production seeing how i live in a state that don't
understand broadway but hopefully by moving to a state close to a place
that does i will see more muscial theare


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