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AuthorMessage: OFF TOPIC (for some lists):::: Previous WONDERFUL week for Amez.
Posted by: "Amy Courtney"

On: 11/8/1999 at 6:04:05 PM GMT

Message #: 103

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Sorry for those of you on most of the lists I sent this to... I'm just
rather excited at this moment... :) :) :)
On the last Thursday of October, I auditioned for Kennebec Valley Music
Festival... a big event around this part of Maine... for both Junior Band
(Tenor Saxophone) and Junior Chorus (Soprano). You can only be fully
accepted for one or the other. So if you make both, they have to decide
where they need you the most... I had laryngitis on that day, which is one
reason that I'm extremely excited about the restults. Mrs. English (who was
preparing us for the KV auditions)came in on Friday and had all the people
that auditioned for KV go to the band room. I volunteered to find out my
results first... She tried to mislead me by starting off with "I'm
disappointed in you..." It turned out that she talked to me about the chorus
score first. I had a 98 out of a possible 100. This was with laryngitis!!
She told me I was either the absolute top score on the list or one of the
top three... she couldn't remember. I was blown away by that. Then she told
me about my band score... it was 82.5... which is better than I had expected
after I had actually auditioned. So what they want me to do for them is 1st
Chair Tenor Sax... :) :) I'm soooo happy. 1st chair out of 5... to me,
that's excellent... lol. :) yay!
The performances for KV are on February 4th and 5th... can't wait... too
many months away. :( Ah well, it should be fun... I get to be gone all day
for those days playing my beloved tenor saxophone of which I've named
Charlotte. *bounces around the room full of excitement* Sorry, I'm really...
excited. :) *gasps* I've been neglecting Sondheim (named my piano that..
heh...) poor child... i'll play him later tonight..
Anyways, then last Wednesday, our school had the Fall Sports Award ceremony.
Coach Zimmerman gave out certificates of participation to everyone.. then
there were 5 special awards. The "Most Improved Player" award went to Sara
Cook... she really did improve this year. :) Then the "Coaches Award" went
to Mary Zimmerman... she was really helpful and fun this year. The "Tickle
My Funny Bone" ball award went to Jessie Dummich... she was running around
at all the games causing lots of laughter. One time we were playing against
Hall-Dale I think it was and she was subbing in during the Varsity game. The
took her out for a little bit... and the team scored against us... she
exclaimed "See, that's what happens when you take me out!" It was soo funny.
:) Then of course, we have the "MVP" award... Anne Norris got it... I
thought "Go figure." She was like the coach's favorite person on the team...
the last award was the "Unsung Hero" award. I received this one. I played
Sweep for most of the season... and didn't complain very often about it...
sometimes I'd complain to a couple friends about being in such a "boring"
position all the time. But I guess I must've done a lot of great stuff in
that position... *shrug* She gave out some statistics about some of the
defense players... I had over 16 saves... That's more than 16 definite goals
I stopped from going in... I was like "Whoa!!" Anne thought that was amazing
but she said it didn't surprise her... I thought that was a nice thing to
say... lol.
Ok, now I'll shut up so you can get on with your regular lives. :)
Thanks for letting me vent! :) woooo!
With Love from your 13 yr old KV Member-

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