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Melinda's Board: Re: a young fan

Date: 11/19/02 02:02:32 PM
Name: Molly
Subject: Re: a young fan

You'll actually find that many of her big fans are younger than you would think. I am 18 and have been a huge fan for about 4 years, and I know many others who post here (or used to post here) who are within 4 or 5 years of that on both sides. I think she appeals to the younger generation of theater lovers- or perhaps we are just the only ones who know how to use computers Either way, you are not alone!
Anyway- some movies she has been in:
The Jerk, Cinderella (w/Brandy), Pennies From Heaven, Slaves of New York, David, Holiday in Your Heart, Annie, Impromptu, Pink Cadillac, Silent Movie, and many more Hope that helped- welcome to the board. You may also want to check out the board at

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Replying to:

Wow... what does one write when they are 24 and their favorite actress is bernadette peters. I have never seen her on stage before, only in film (Annie, The Longest Yard, The Jerk... I only watch these movies because she is in them) Even though I will probally never be able to make it from New Orleans to NYC to ever see her on stage, does anyone know anymore films that she is in?
A Young fan

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