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AuthorMessage: Great group! Love that Bernadette! I met her a few months back...
Posted by: chaliexo

On: 7/27/2001 at 6:56:46 AM GMT

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Hi Guys,
I just wanted to tell you guys I had met a Ms. Peters
here in Philadelphia backstage at the Merriam Theatre.
She was visiting Tom Wopat and Marilu Henner...
They were all nice But Bernadette was very sweet!!
She said Hi and she shook my hand. She is so tiny and
very Beautiful.I have never seen such pretty skin!I am
a fan of another Broadway singer Linda Eder.. I think
she is very sweet I met her and she was very down to earth
I do have a fansite for Linda I hope you check it out!
I may be starting one for Ms.Peters soon.?
Please sign my guestbook too! Thanks Chalie xo

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