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AuthorMessage: Leaving for a while. . .
Posted by: WitchBern

On: 8/9/1999 at 10:05:46 PM GMT

Message #: 2113

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Hi all,
I'm just writing you all to let you know I am going to a TAPIOCA training
session for a couple days. I'm leaving August 10th, in the morning and I'll
be back the evening of the 13th. (For those of you who don't know what
TAPIOCA is, don't worry about it, it's not the pudding, though)
Anyway, I'm putting my mailing lists on digest to make room in my mailbox
so people wgo need to can E-mail me. Everyone on the mailing lists doesn't
have to read past this part.

Brie and Lanaya - I can't wait until OC, we're going to have so much fun.
Also, I'm leaving mom your numbers so she can talk to you, she might need to
call you sometime. So, I apologize in advance for anything she might say.
She is definitly going to call each of you on Saturday, though.

Vasanthi - Sorry about not calling you back. I had two phone calls and dad
did tell me you called. I was sick, too, that day, and so I called my other
friend and she had me on the phone all night and I'm incredibly busy today.
I really don't even have time to send these E-mails.

Danielle - Can we figure out how to get together with Adam sometime, maybe
the 14th or 15th? I know he's moving at the end of the month. Tell him I
wasn't at church because I was sick and I'm sorry, I hope to see him soon.

Liza - If you need anything, or even if you don't, just E-mail me if you need
to talk. Take care of Brie for me, and Brie, (if you're reading this part)
take care of Liza, too.

Pierre - We'll try to get in touch sometime before September. Our trips keep

Charlie, Bill and Lisa - Guys, seriously, if you need anything. Please, I'm
right here. I'm going to get the E-mail. Bill, could you send me your
picture again? I can't find it. Thanks. Lisa and Charlie, thanks for
responding to me.

Isabel - I hope you're having fun! Enjoy the rest of your summer! Ask your
dad if at the next family get together if I could talk to him about
pyschology. I'm very interested in that field and I know he's in it and so
is your mom and I'd love to learn more about it from them. Thanks! (I
didn't spell your name right, did I?)

Sara and Kelly - I'll call you guys sometime, I don't know what I'm doing.
Sara, how was the shore? You two need to get in touch with each other.
Kelly loves Pokemon, Sara, and so does Sara. E-mail each other!

Becca - Did you get my E-mail?

Bao - I'll see you at school soon! Hope your summer is okay.

Jenn - I lost the AGYG Kids Site, could you send the link again? I have some
pics of Mia and me at camp. Once I get my scanner set up again, I will send
those pics.

Amy - Please respond to that last E-mail I sent you. Please?

Nanne - Are you doing okay? Thanks for always being there.

Okay, that's it. Yes! I got to everything! In one E-mail to! Okay, I'll
talk to you all soon!


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