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Posted by: bluedenim

On: 4/8/1999 at 11:35:40 PM GMT

Message #: 1098

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Hey! I've been corresponding with Gay Dupree for the
past couple of weeks, he is the person working on the
Official site and we've been working so hopefully the
FANS (us) can become more involved. He asked me to
send the following message to you guys, I'm guessing
this is because of the Email he got from someones
(nameless hehe) sister who went off the deep end about
some things... -Eric
<this is what he wrote>

Could you please apologize to Bernadette's fans on
my behalf for the
fact that the page originally
was not well done (in the first two weeks of
operation)...I wanted to
get it up quickly before I
went out of town (to visit my 86yr old Mom who has
been sick)...and
unfortunately it was not very
pretty and I did have some mis-spelled words. I
have worked on this
page since and it is
literally a living work in progress with many, many
changes and
improvements to come. Hope
everyone understands and I do appreciate their support
and know that
Bernadette appreciates it

"The next time I dedicate
My lifes work to the friends I make
I give them what they want to hear"
-Kate Bush

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