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AuthorMessage: Mack & Mabel
Posted by: StageTS

On: 4/5/1999 at 8:01:49 PM GMT

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Hello all,

I was thinking of some shows to suggest to the director of the musical at my
school next year. The one that I'd really love to do is "Mack & Mabel." I'm
looking for feedback on how difficult you think that would be... what are
some problems... concerns? If you've read the script it would be very
helpful but even if you haven't, I'd love some input. Thanks!

AuthorMessage: Re: Mack & Mabel
Posted by: ChloeMiles

On: 4/5/1999 at 11:57:52 PM GMT

Message #: 1073

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It's pretty difficult. I think it is easily Jerry Herman's best score, but
you need big several sets (including a working camera boom if you want to do
it up right), about a million dancing girls, and chorus that can really tap.
Also the subject matter is a bit different from Hello Dolly and Mame. Mabel
ends up in an abusive relationship where she becomes a drug addict, is
accused of murder and eventually dies. (Of course, you can see all that on
daytime television.)

I'm not trying to dissuade you from this show. It's one of my all-time
favorites, but I just thought you should know that is is quite an undertaking.
AuthorMessage: Re: Mack & Mabel
Posted by: KELBEL519

On: 4/6/1999 at 1:28:37 AM GMT

Message #: 1074

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Hmm, her character in M&M reminds me of the one she played in PENNIES FROM
HEAVEN. Well, minus the abuse and the dying. K, guess it's not a huge
connection. Anywho, my suggestion, if you're hell bent on doing a bernadette
show, is to do INTO THE WOODS. It's got a good plot, the best sondheim
music and characters i've ever seen, not too huge a cast, and no dancing.
Just some marches and minor steps here and there. K, there's my $0.02.
AuthorMessage: Re: Mack & Mabel
Posted by: ChloeMiles

On: 4/6/1999 at 10:32:12 AM GMT

Message #: 1075

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In a message dated 99-04-06 01:28:51 EDT, you write:


But stick to the script (including double-casting - it's important) and don't
cut the second act. I agree this is the better choice.
AuthorMessage: Re: Mack & Mabel
Posted by: KELBEL519

On: 4/6/1999 at 8:38:45 PM GMT

Message #: 1076

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Yeah, my drama teacher did INTO THE WOODS about 8 years ago (long b4 i ever
lived here) and for the witch transformation, he didn't use a body double.
He just had her take off her claw gloves, tear off the face mask (underneath
she had the make-up on) and used colorful lights with smoke, I'm told his is
better than the video, but I can't judge b/c i never saw it. He's really
proud of that show, though.
AuthorMessage: Re: Mack & Mabel
Posted by: Erin Collins

On: 4/6/1999 at 9:17:11 PM GMT

Message #: 1077

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A local community college did it here in 1997 and it pretty much sucked
(I'm allowed to say that because I was in it). For the witch
transformation, our witch just walked offstage for a minute and changed.
She didn't have on any "ugly" make-up (although she didn't really need
it-oops! did I say that?!) other than a nose and a pointy chin and she
looked rediculous.


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