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AuthorMessage: "Sunday" on DVD
Posted by: MKahnFan

On: 3/26/1999 at 2:42:08 AM GMT

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Well, I just got it today! The picture is GREAT and I like the menus. As for
the commentary, so far I've only listened to the first twenty minutes... but
so far, Bernadette has been pretty quiet. Actually, Mandy Patinkin's done
most of the talking. (Surprising, huh. ;-) ) But it's fascinating stuff,
and it's really fun to listen to... for example, the commentary was recorded
in a Manhattan studio while Bernadette, Mandy, Stephen Sondheim and James
Lapine were watching "Sunday" with the sound off. So when they get to
Bernadette's "Follies" number, the sight of her doing her little "Follies"
dance with no sound makes them all start laughing. OK gotta run so I can
finish watching it, but everyone who has a DVD/LD player should definitely
pick this up, it's highly worth it. Later! -Ben
AuthorMessage: Re: "Sunday" on DVD
Posted by: KELBEL519

On: 3/27/1999 at 3:03:06 AM GMT

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Ben, I get a copy of the commentary, right?

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